Monday, February 11, 2013

The saga continues!

As I work my way around Jill's book (which you can purchase here ) I find myself having a difficult time deciding which project to do next.  I think, I'd love to do Abundance, but Flower Power looks super cute, but the Ziggurat ring would be so fun, but the figure eight earrings would be so quick!

Knowing that the plan is to make ALL the projects in this book, the decision is slightly easier because I know I'll get to them all eventually.  Only slightly though. :)

Next up in the rotation was the Ziggurat ring, which went together very quickly and was incredibly easy to follow the directions for:

Teal is definitely one of my favorite colors to work with, I wear it a LOT.  In fact, my shirt is teal at this very moment.  It is a wonderful color and the ring worked incredibly well and is comfortable to wear also!

I have just finished the next project in my list, Flower Power, but as I don't really like flowers all that much, (I'm not that type of girl) I chose washers from the hardware store instead of porcelain flowers:

So I've dubbed mine Metal Power instead.

Until next time, friends. :)

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