Sunday, February 17, 2013

The next chapter

The next project I tackled is probably the most time consuming one in the book.  Abundance.  I started this journey by using only the beads I have (something I pride myself on doing, I hate having to buy beads for a project) and it seemed a daunting task.  There are multiple layers of rope on top of the previous one, which gives the piece not only depth but structure as well.

Here is the beginnings of the progress:

Then I finished the first layer of the rope and moved on to the second, after which I continued adding to a smaller section to create the focal area.  After many hours, this piece was finished:

There it is!  Abundance!  I am incredibly proud of this piece, it looks beautiful (to me anyway) with white lined white sapphire and glossy black beads.

After taking on such a large piece, I wanted to do a much smaller one, that I knew I could accomplish in a much shorter amount of time.  I decided to give Forever Tango a try and here's my result:

That will be all for this evening, so for now I bid you all adieu!


  1. Jennifer.....this is wonderful! I love Abundance! I am planning a doing it also and it has been fun watching your progress!...Thanks for sharing your off to finger my beads and try to settle on a color for mine!

    1. Thanks Cindy! I'm hoping to give others the confidence and inspiration to try ANY project in the book no matter how scary or daunting it may seem. :)