Friday, August 17, 2012

Ornaments Galore!

Well I seem to be in the right mood to make an abundance of ornaments lately because here are a few more!
A small silver and gold ornament:

An extra large ornament containing white, silver and blue:

A netted ornament using Diane Fitzgerald's netted egg as the base:

I've also gotten a couple of custom orders already as well! Here's one in jewel tones for Hubby's aunt:

And one for one of my best friends, inspired by a peacock feather, to wear in her amazing dreads during the holidays!

TTFN Folks!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Xmastime? Really?!

Well, no, but it IS time for me to get ready for my fall Christmas Craft Shows, so the ornaments have begun!  Here is the first one I've done so far

And because I wasn't sure if I liked it all white or not, here is the same beaded section, but on a blue ornament:

Then I decided to make a more Christmas-like one with more red & green in it:

And that's all I have for ornaments so far, but I realize I've neglected all of you so I felt you needed an update anyway!  I will definitely post more of my Holiday items as I make them for all of you lovely people to see!

Til next time!