Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back to the work at hand

Working on Marcia's book Beaded Opulence. I have finished the custom cuff made for my good friend Mitch, and here it is:

Now of course, that's on my arm so it has a lot of extra space, but his very large manly arms made it look great!  I think where we last left off was Cassiopeia.  So the next project in the book is Ka'iulani, I'm just glad I had any kind of bead that was top drill like this, made even better by the fact that it was in fact a pearl!  Just what the directions called for!  Of course I changed up colors, but I always seem to do that even if I don't intend to.

Then we have the beaded bangle, for this one I definitely had to think outside the box.  The rubber cord that it calls for I wouldn't have had any idea where to get, the advice my husband gave me however, was "Why don't we try the hardware store?"  And lo and behold, there was exactly what I needed.

Fleur Fantaisie was a project that I could have all kinds of fun with, since the focal beads are probably all one of a kind and really influence what colors and complementary beads you use.  I tried something funky, a purple skull.

Etruscan Treasure was a necklace I had tried very early on, before I took on this adventure, so I have two different versions of it.  I love both of them, although I have a soft spot for silver.

I had also done one other version as a custom order for my dear friend Krissy, she wanted it to look sort of like a peacock feather!  It was fun, unfortunately, no good pictures of it were taken.
Ringlets is the first project I had to ask Marcia herself where she got the aluminum rings for the project that it calls for. As I found out, I was to make another trip to the hardware store, where I, again, found exactly what I needed.

Cappadocia was a fun project to work on and I definitely want to make time to play with this pattern more than just this first one I made (we'll see when, if ever, I get to that)

As the journey continues, Cascade was a project that I had tried over the summer in pink and rose quartz
but as I was working my way through the book I just felt like I really should do this project again.  So I did!

Gabriella was a fun structural piece to create, since I didn't use any wire on the inside of the pendant to help it keep its shape.

And our last project for now, Urchin, delightfully and surprisingly easy to do with directions given.  And I just love the rope that Marcia has in her book for a few different projects.  I have already used it for a couple of my own to create an interesting rope piece for just about any pendant.  Urchin! right, Urchin, I of course had to change up the colors since that's what I tend to do and since I'm so fond of silver...

And that's all for now!  Since I hadn't updated in awhile I knew I had better give you quite a few pictures to look at so hopefully you all enjoy them!


  1. What a roll you are on, can't wait to see some of these in person this summer!

  2. Thanks Marcia! I can't wait for you to see them in person.