Friday, February 17, 2012

A look back

at some of the projects I've finished in the past, because why not?  Just some pretty pictures to fill the time until I can put together a better post for the continuation of Marcia's book.

I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 hours working on this scarf over the course of a year.  Created my own fade pattern to go from white to black.  Here it is worn:

A St. Petersburg necklace, that I believe came from Bead & Button:

Fun with rivolis:

Some shaped beadwork via Diane Fitzgerald:

A personal favorite since I love rainbows:

I was trying something new with this one:
And a close up of the fringe:

And probably my favorite piece I've ever made, I was sad to sell it, but glad it will be appreciated:

I'll let that be all for now, since I barely got through necklaces, I had to leave out quite a few, but I'll throw some bracelets up later today!


  1. I'd forgotten about some of these since they've been sold. Beautiful work -- and that scarf is just phenomenal!

  2. That rainbow necklace is by far my favorite!