Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow Progress

Well I've left you all hanging again!  I've been so busy with house projects lately that I've had almost no time for beading.  Here are a few of the things I've done.  Some of them are a little older but I hadn't posted them here yet.  First up are some fun beaded beads:

They were pretty easy to make up and can be done in a large variety of colors!  Then I threw together some earrings:

I love the structure these have!  Next, I threw together quite a few different bracelets.  I was trying to branch out and try new colors:

You can see how well that turned out.  I gravitate towards black and silver for almost everything.  It makes for a great go-to because I know I've always got those colors on hand and because the finished product can usually go with whatever I'm wearing.  Then I tried my first project out of Sabine Lippert's book Beaded Fantasies:

Then I got my pattern for Mikki Ferrugiaro's Dark Shadow pendant:

Aren't they fun?  The bracelet flows so nicely when it's worn and then pendant is just too cool to not want to make a zillion of them. You can find Mikki's stuff here.  Finally, I decided to just play with beads yesterday and found an old button that is rather large.  I figured it would make a cool pendant, so here it is:


  1. Awesome work! I especially love the white one!

  2. Beautiful! Lovin' those beaded beads, especially the one with the yellow round beads.