Friday, March 16, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Without further ado, the last few projects in Marcia's book: Beaded Opulence

Amphora was great fun to make, I love how it took shape as the layers were added, and it has so many color possibilities!  Even though I didn't have the chain the directions called for, I think I made it work out okay:

 Then I worked on Deco and let me tell you, I used up quite a few beads on the rope portion for this one. However, I've gotten so many compliments on it already, I can't really complain:

Quetzal I will admit I had a great time with, as you can tell since I made a bunch!  So many possibilities, and so easy to customize to the right size, I even made a miniature version so the base wasn't as big!

And lastly, Serena, which I left for last not only because it IS the last project in the book, but because it didn't immediately jump out at me as a project I just HAD to make.  Once I did this one though, I can tell you I'll definitely make a couple more, seeing it built from the bottom up made me really fall in love with it!

I will be sending Marcia all of these pieces so she can see them in person (she promised to send them back as quick as she can!) and so she can take some better photos of them, since I can only do so much with what I have.  This journey was so much fun, and I highly recommend this book, especially if you're learning RAW (right angle weave) as it shows a lot of different ways to utilize it.  Thanks so much to Marcia, for her suggestions and care packages while I completed my projects!


  1. Quite a journey! These really are beautiful pieces.

  2. Those are wonderful. I am so impressed that you beaded every piece from the book. That is quite an accomplishment. I can't wait to see more of your work.